A Place to Call Home

My sister and I were having the conversation the other day about growing up in our parents’ home. We were recalling how my mother’s stylish home incorporated loved pieces of furniture bought-gasp-second hand. It wasn’t seen as a downgrade. She loved the chair or love seat she purchased at the estate sale, and it fit her room. It was seen as a stylish purchase rather than something she settled for.We were wondering when had life become so disposable? 

Inheriting my mother’s love for home design, I am drawn to the room that needs the small touch. My husband would say it’s an obsession of sorts, but he loves it in the end. My spot I’m enjoying right now is my favorite transformation of our home.

When we bought our home 5 years ago, this room off of our kitchen was lacking it’s own identity: family room, porch, den? We had a table with two chairs crammed in the corner and once our youngest son was ready to join in the eating we found ourselves sitting in the dining room every night–a lot of work for little glory.  Loving old houses—I did start to see the appeal of an all-purpose open floor plan of a home.  This is where the obsession came in, and I knew I could make this room shine.

Our space before
We created this eating nook. Who knew this plain room could have a “nook!” How could one small tweak change our home so much? It became a whole new space. We still watch movies on the couch,  and play with toys, but we also play Play Dough at the table, tackle homework with enough light to see,  eat dinners together (and even squeeze Grandpa in at times), and keep our sanity because the 10 extra items our children need during our 20 minutes of dinner are at least in eye shot.

Turns out we didn’t need to tear it down, bump it out, start all over.  We needed to look for the sparkle that was hidden in the room to start.


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