Hexagon Love

Is there anything more timeless than a crochet blanket? Or maybe a better question-is there anything more rejuvenated than the crochet blanket?  Or crochet in general. I found the most charming crochet coasters at a boutique store the other day.  Perhaps my own tastes have taken a nod to nostalgia as I’ve aged. Or have our trends just embraced the classic; I do notice that most girls under 20 are wearing an entire outfit that could have existed in my middle school closet. So maybe I am just searching a bit further back.  Either way, I’m in love with my newest cozy blanket in my family room. FullSizeRender

With modern colors and a simple style it’s not just a blanket: it’s art. I can take no credit for the craftsmanship. My skilled sister gets all the credit, but it’s award worthy.  It’s a gem I couldn’t find anywhere else and it’s the perfect cozy addition to my room.  I am suddenly not dreading the cool weather.