Simple Gifts

I often wonder how to give the perfect gift. In this day, there are so many gifts we have to give: teachers, bus drivers, the mail man, the music lesson teacher. It’s not a must, but we want to show our appreciation. It can be overwhelming though: the creative idea that doesn’t cost a fortune.

This gift came by chance. I’ve been seeing these adorable white jar vases around town. Cleaning my basement, I found a stash of Crafts of Christmas Past and I just started tinkering. There is just something wonderful in a pressure-free craft.

I collected my jar, my leftover white spray paint and my cute washi tape from the dollar aisle at Target and went to work. I loved my creation. Now, the beautiful fall crysanthemums really add most of the true beauty, but I like to think my craft inspiration really makes it shine. I love that this gift says “Happy Birthday” in the best of ways: not overboard, and just enough.

Nothing like a gift you’re excited to give!


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